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We mourn the passing of Howerd Oakford

Dear Forth community,

It is with great sadness, that I have to announce the Death of Howerd Oakford. Howerd was hit by a car while cycling on the bike lane. He was not able to recover and died 2 days later on the 16th of November in hospital.

He was a great thinker and tinkerer in the Forth community and he will always be remembered as such. His efforts to understand the most complex inner functions of projects like colorForth, and presenting them in an entertaining and engaging way were unique and will be missed.

His wife, Rita Oakford said that he was very much looking forward meeting us again at next year's EuroForth - As were we of course looking forward seeing him again. He will be cremated and put to rest in a forest the week before Christmas. Rita would welcome some attendance from the Forth community, I will announce the details here.

All the best to Howerd on his final journey.

Sincerely, Gerald