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FIG-Forth - CDP1802 IP - Lattice FPGA-Board

Another puzzle piece about Forth is available. C-H Tings Manual, an excellent description of a complete Forth System including Editor, has just been published as eBook at https://goo.gl/RIjHLU

Rather than just making the documentation available we wanted to prove it still works - at least on one processor. There was excellent support from Steve Teal and Scott Baker with the 1802 IP and to get FIG-Forth 1802 running on the FPGA. Thanks to them and the others who made it possible.

... and it all still works, I tried it myself. JP

Follow the link to the Wiki, there is a small video, and a screen print. You find the download for the FPGA Image there to try it out yourself. And more information will be added there over time. https://wiki.forth-ev.de/doku.php/projects:fig-forth-1802-fpga:start

(Und vielleicht gibt es ein FIG-Forth auch noch als funktionierende PC-Implementierung irgendwo? mk)