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Footsteps In An Empty Valley - Kindle Edition

Jürgen hat Chen-Hanson Ting so lange bearbeitet, bis dieser seinen Klassiker davor gerettet hat auf nimmer wiedersehen in der Altpapiertonne zu verschwinden. Digitalisiert gibt es das Buch also nun wieder, auch bei Amazon als eBook.

"Chuck Moore is the inventor of the High Level computer Language Forth. In this eBook you find the background, how and why it was designed as is. People talk about C friendly instruction sets and processor architectures - but Chuck went one level further and implemented complete functionality in silicon long before others looked at such configurations. And there is the Forth code from then, designed by Chuck and a lot of typing in by Ting."


Und damit ein neuer Titel in der Forth Bookshelf : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Juergen-Pintaske/e/B00N8HVEZM