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Moving Forth

In diesem e-book hat Juergen Pintaske Beiträge von Brad Rodriguez zusammengefasst, die Brad 1993 für "The Computer Journal" verfasst hatte. Damit fügt er der Sammlung von Werken über Forth im Forthbookshelf eine weitere historische Schrift hinzu: Direkt zum Buch: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07BTV7QVR Zur Forth Bookshelf: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Juergen-Pintaske/e/B00N8HVEZM

Juergen wrote: "In 2018 we have 50 Years of Forth. When I looked for a new project for an eBook I realized that one area is not very well covered: How do the Forth internals work? How can you build a Minimal Processor executing Forth directly? How do you write an Assembler in Forth? When I looked around for some documentation, I remembered this series of articles again. They seems to fit very well together. I contacted Brad and asked for permission to publish them as part of the Forth Bookshelf. He liked the idea so I started formatting. I did not change any of the original material.The only part I added was an appendix, where I redid some of the pictures, so I could understand them better. I have to thank Brad Rodriguez for the copyright to publish this documentation."

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